3. I love GOD = I love photography

In loving photography, I love GOD.

For a long time, I have have been conflicted in my relationship between GOD and my photography. I’ve questioned: should I like photography as much as I do? How can I photograph for GOD so that I don’t feel so guilty about liking it so much? Does GOD frown because I like doing this hobby? Can I ever say that I love taking photographs? I have been in great need for deep, mind changing revelations in order to live in harmony with both. But following my listening to an audiobook those answers came like a breath of fresh air. In an instant of hearing a small collection of sentences, I had left the battleground raging in my mind and heart and walked into freedom and life.

This is what GOD wants me to know:

It’s good to love photography. In fact, it’s very good.

I needed to know that, because GOD first created and we are made in His image. So, being made in His image means that that same spark that was used when the universe exploded into being is embedded into us. We can create just like Him. I have felt really bad that I have loved photography and creativity, but that is wrong because that gargantuan attachment I have is part of His design for me. He wants me to know that my makeup is to enjoy creating and the joy I feel when I shoot and capture with my camera is the joy He wants me to feel. And when I feel that, He feels that joy too. Ah man, a wonderful relief came over me when discovering that my joy, my love for photography comes from GOD and He wants me to feel that and He loves to see me enjoying it. I had to know that my conflict doesn’t come from GOD but, rather, from the game plan strategised by the devil, who wants to steal, kill and destroy my GOD given joy and turn it into shame and fear.

The truth I must know in my heart, is that when I photograph, it draws me closer to GOD and not away (like the devil would want), because in drawing closer to GOD, I use and create and enjoy His gift of creation; His gift of photography in the correct way. That with Him, I will truly know the thrill and the satisfaction photography can give.

GOD gave me photography to enjoy and take pleasure in because when I do, it gives Him pleasure. It delights Him. In knowing this, living this, I won’t struggle any longer with my love for photography because it comes from a perfect place. In my heart, what I feel for creativity is justified and good. Because that is what GOD Himself said about ALL His creation.

It’s good to love photography. In fact, it’s very good.

So GOD, thank you for creating in me that deep, satisfying desire to create and photograph; that I can relish in that same essence that you loved when you created the universe and me. Thank you GOD for revealing to me, imparting in me my deep desire to create and be like You. Thank you for photography. Amen.

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