Dear Boys,

Daddy here, 

As I write this, you won’t be aware that I am at last trying to make sense and full use of the some of the photographs I have been taken of you. Right now, Solomon, you’ll be seven, Isaiah, five and Silas two.

I have so many photographs of you. 

And whilst most will remain on my external hard drives, the ones I’m sharing in this alternative to the traditional family album, are the ones I’d like to use to tell the best stories about you. 

About us.

When I was a little boy, and when Mummy was a little girl, photo albums looked and worked like books. Both sets of your Grandparents have many, many albums and photo books, sharing and helping to remember all the times enjoyed as a family. I still really enjoy looking at my photo albums and so does Mummy. However, times have changed and your generation will have most of their photographs stored in clouds and phones and tablets and laptops. That doesn’t make these photographs less important, it’s just a different way to store them and a tidier way too. Less cupboard space – ask Nanna Palmer about that. However, although it may be easier to store images digitally, photo albums like Mummy and I had did have their place. We knew exactly where to go to look for them, find them and flick through them to enjoy reminiscing about what we got up to going up growing up. There was always that special box or cupboard in our homes. They were also organised into the many different life events too. So with all this in mind, this digital photo album might serve as that organised space for you. That place where you can see and hopefully remember your childhood.

There is an extra dimension to this photo album that Mummy and Daddy, Nana and Granddad and Nanna and GrandPospy didn’t have in theirs, and that is words. With each collection of photographs I am adding, I’m writing you a little note too. Some are for all three of you and others are personalised and talk to just one of you.

I love you and I love taking photos of you. 

Mummy and Daddy love you very much.

I hope this album will be something you will visit over and over again and and be reminded of those happy times we had – until I can plan and create the photo book about you. I’m bursting to do that.

With lots of love

Daddy and Mummy x