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  • 3. I love GOD = I love photography

    3. I love GOD = I love photography

    In loving photography, I love GOD. For a long time, I have have been conflicted in my relationship between GOD and my photography. I’ve questioned: should I like photography as much as I do? How can I photograph for GOD so that I don’t feel so guilty about liking it so much? Does GOD frown […]

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  • 2. Even the birds

    2. Even the birds

    We are all obsessed, fanatical, preoccupied with the subject of ‘Home.’ Our necessity to make that four letter word an object of pride in our lives is a drive that never really ends. We all have that innate need to have a home. Some say it is a human right. This, I would agree it […]

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  • 1. Neighbour

    1. Neighbour

    Saturday, October 30th & Saturday, November 6th, 2021 Last week – October 30th – my wife and I took our three boys to the Dino Kingdom at Thoresby Hall. Nearing our destination, my eye was drawn to a vast flooded field where trees, bushes and stumps protruded from the waters surface. It was quite disturbing […]

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